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 From:  Roberto Zilli <r dot zilli at ingredium dot it>
 To:  mk at neon1 dot net
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  IP NAT & Co.
 Date:  Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:40:39 +0200
Hi Manuel & All,

first of all thanks a lot for your sharp suggestions about how to build 
a personal m0n0 ISO CD.

Well, i've a problem with NET4501, but let me explain:

8 Public IP Address (aa.aa.aa.aa/29)
1 Lan ( DHCP is turned off
1 DMZ (

on DMZ i've connect a Win machine with some services enabled like http, 
smtp, etc, it's bridge with none.

I've also added the 1:1 mappings, then the NAT rules:

1:1 mappings
External IP Internal IP Description
aa.aa.aa.aa Web Nat

NAT rules
Proto  Ext. port range  NAT IP  Int. port range  Description
TCP 80 (HTTP) 80 (HTTP)  Web

Then the firewall rule say:

WAN interface
Proto Source Port Destination Port Frag Description
TCP * * 80 (HTTP)   NAT

seems to be correct but nothing happen when browser call http:\\aa.aa.aa.aa

if i replace all 192.168.1... with it's work fine!

...but from the web server can't resolve any Internet address (his 
gateway is the base address on DMZ interface also DNS)!
...but the web server responding to aa.aa.aa.aa and 
aa.aa.aa.aa+1..+2...+3 and so on.
...but the WebGui isn't available 'cos if i've already use the Http rule 

Any suggestion?

Thanks for stimulating my curiosity.

Roberto Zilli (the cat)