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 From:  Bill Eccles <Bill dot lists at eccles dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  No DHCP, no preference saving
 Date:  Thu, 22 Sep 2005 10:06:03 -0400

I am trying to get m0n0wall running on two different Dell boxes, each  
with one built-in NIC and one 3com 3c990. Booting from the cdrom-1.11  
ISO, everything gets detected properly (as best I can tell) and I end  
up with a txp0 and a, oh, I can't remember, xl0 or something like  
that being detected (it's different on the two Dell boxen). Then  
m0n0wall says hello and that its IP address is and LAN is  
sis0 and WAN is sis1. (Or maybe they're the other way around.  

So I decide to assign the ports and m0n0wall reports back that txp0's  
MAC address is suchandsuch and xl0's MAC address is suchandsuch and  
that they're not (up). Trying to use the autodetect doesn't work, so  
I eventually get around to rebooting with a LAN cable plugged in--it  
goes off to my switch where I know things work fine and to my  
PowerBook which is the unit that's trying to pull the IP address from  
any DHCP server on the switch. (It succeeds, by the way, when I do  
connect the switch to the rest of the LAN.) And I've tried both the  
3com NIC and the built-in NIC for this, one at a time.

Again, I get to assigning ports and this time, m0n0wall reports that,  
indeed, one of the interfaces is (up). Great! So I assign that to the  
LAN and the other to the WAN and it reboots and... nothing. Of  
course, I don't know what the LAN ---> SIS0 and WAN ---> SIS1 is  
reporting to me, but it ALWAYS says that, no matter what I assigned  
for interfaces.

So I wondered to myself, what if that preference is not being saved?  
What if sis0 and sis1 are some default interface unrelated to the  
real-world interfaces I want it to use? I decided to reassign the LAN  
address, then, to a different subnet, namely and, yes,  
DHCP on with address range of to And  
m0n0wall reports back that all is hunky dory and that it's a good  
time to use http to see the config pages at the new address. 'Cept  
nothing changes.

Oh, yes, the floppy: the floppy drive whirs, the green light comes  
on, and it all seems to happen at the appropriate times: during boot,  
when fd0 is being discovered, and when I supposedly make these  
changes. The disk was formatted on a freeBSD box with "fdformat /dev/ 
fd0" no fancy options specified. (I figured it can't be worse than  
"format a:" on a Winblows box.) And m0n0wall never gripes about read  
errors or write errors as it does if I shove a non-formatted floppy  
in there. So I _assume_ that something meaningful is on that disk.

I could be wrong.

Now, back to my story: I reboot with said floppy in the drive, with  
the changes to the new subnet, and guess what m0n0wall reports back  
for the LAN IP address? You guessed it!, LAN--->sis0 and  

What am I missing here? Have I offended some preference-saving god?  
Where do I send the sacrifice?

Thanks, all,