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 Subject:  Setting up VPN interface with alternate IP range?
 Date:  Mon, 26 Sep 2005 17:44:50 -0400
Hi everyone,


I'm running a m0n0wall as a PPTP VPN server. It forwards the authentication
off via RADIUS to an internal Windows 2003 Small Business Server. All DHCP
requests on the LAN are handled by the Windows server. I am running the
'generic PC' flavor of m0n0wall on a 1GHZ PC with one network card. The
network settings are as follows:


WAN Address: Dynamic, using PPOE on DSL

LAN Address:

"Server address" Setting in the PPTP config page:

Remote address range in the same page: / 28

RADIUS server:

Static route: PPTP interface, / 24 for the network, and for the gateway


Here's the issue: It's handing off a 192.168.1.x address to PPTP clients. I
have no problems VPNing from my home network, but that's because my home
network is on a 192.168.2.x subnet. Obviously for home users on a
192.168.1.x subnet, this is going to cause problems. What I'd like to do is
have the PPTP clients pick up a different IP address, either in the
172.16.1.x range, or 10.0.0.x.


When I try to give the PPTP 'server' a address, the m0n0wall says
that it's outside the normal subnet. My question is, how do I set up the VPN
to hand off a different network range to clients? Do I need to install a
second network interface (aka, a PCI network card) in the box, or can I get
away with assigning a different IP range to the one, just in a different way
than how I was doing it?


Thanks everybody!

Matt Emmott