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 From:  sil <silverjp1 at gazeta dot pl>
 To:  M0n0Wall <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Problem creating a new mfsroot
 Date:  Mon, 03 Oct 2005 11:03:26 +0200
I'm trying to add space on the mfsroot of a cdrom version of m0n0 
following the instruction that are on "the complete guide to building 
from scratch" but after booting correctly when the kernel try to mount 
/dev/md0c i get a "FATAL ERROR" saying that "the device that contains 
the configuration file (config.xml) could not be found. M0n0wall cannot 
continue booting"

Here what I'm doing to create the mfsroot.gz

prova# wget http://chrisbuechler.com/m0n0wall/downloads/rootfs-1.2b10.tar.gz
09:36:27 (48.54 KB/s) - `rootfs-1.2b10.tar.gz' saved [3640692/3640692]

prova# dd if=/dev/zero of=mfsroot bs=1k count=11264
11264+0 records in
11264+0 records out
11534336 bytes transferred in 0.712309 secs (16192880 bytes/sec)
prova# vnconfig	-s labels -c vn0 mfsroot
prova# disklabel -rw vn0 auto
prova# newfs -b 8192 -f 1024 -o space -m 0 /dev/vn0c
Warning: Block size restricts cylinders per group to 25.
Warning: 2048 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated
/dev/vn0c:	22528 sectors in 6 cylinders of 1 tracks, 4096 sectors
	11.0MB in 1 cyl groups (25 c/g, 50.00MB/g, 2816 i/g)
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
prova# mount /dev/vn0c /mnt
prova# cd /mnt
prova# tar xvzf /root/new/rootfs-1.2b10.tar.gz

<cut list of untarred files>

prova# cd /root/new/
prova# mount
/dev/ad0s1a on / (ufs, local)
/dev/ad0s1f on /tmp (ufs, local, soft-updates)
/dev/ad0s1g on /usr (ufs, local, soft-updates)
/dev/ad0s1e on /var (ufs, local, soft-updates)
procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
/dev/vn0c on /mnt (ufs, local)
prova# umount /mnt
prova# vnconfig -u vn0
prova# giz -9 mfsroot