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 To:  Keith Hatfull <keith at hatfull dot net>
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 Subject:  Re: Fwd: [m0n0wall] Re: m0n0wall forums
 Date:  Wed, 5 Oct 2005 04:34:40 +0200
Totally agreed. :-)

2005/10/5, Keith Hatfull <keith at hatfull dot net>:
> Concerning the whole forum vs. list question...
> The same information is gathered in both, the only big difference is in
> organization.
> You could divide the forums into several general sections with subsections:
> General
>         Basic Information (usually several stickies)
>         Read This First (stickies again)
>         Announcements
>         Feature Requests
> Software
>         Installation
>         Configuration
>         Troubleshooting
>         Rules/Filters Help
> Hardware
>         Motherboards/SBCs
>         Enclosures
>         Wireless
>         Ethernet
>         Known Problematic Hardware
>         Reviews
> Development (protected and hidden, for development staff)
>         (I'm not a developer, don't know what you'd need)
> I find the structure of the forum method much easier to glean
> information from.  When searching for something I can search individual
> forums, narrowing my returns.  If I finally get my hardware in line I
> can just pay more attention to the Software forum, etc.
> I think the forum structure, as a by product, also makes website
> maintenance easier.  When I new version comes out, just put a quick
> annoumcement on the main index page and link to a forum post in the
> Announcements forum.  Less muss and fuss with the website.
> In the end it's a matter of user preference....personally I think a
> forum just provides more structure.
> -Keith
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