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 From:  "Neil A. Hillard" <m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk>
 To:  Fig <figmail at comcast dot net>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: Fwd: [m0n0wall] New User
 Date:  Fri, 7 Oct 2005 14:06:47 +0100

In message <cab3037d6856e0a41c0553eb14f9f8e843466a53 at damonrv dot com>, Fig
<figmail at comcast dot net> writes
>I also scrounged up a 1u P3 700 (w/128mb) box and a dual-nic from
>Compaq.  No more realteks for me!  Between that an the managed switch,
>I might be able to pull this off.  Big thanks!

I've got two Compaq dual port NICs in my m0n0wall and there appears to
be a driver problem with them.

The problem shows itself when you boot the machine with no link and then
connect something to the port.  The link light on both ends will light
but no data will flow.  If you go to status.php on m0n0wall, when
'ifconfig -a' runs, it will burst into life.

This had me stumped for ages when I had to power cycle my ADSL router
and nothing would work.



Neil A. Hillard                E-Mail:   m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk