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 From:  "Hans Ruck" <HansRuck at myrrena dot ch>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  FW: [m0n0wall] Re: FW: Newby on M0n0wall
 Date:  Sat, 8 Oct 2005 16:47:08 +0200
Thanks, I would like to connect my Accesspoint on the safe site of my internal network. Although
some might question that. I run m0n0wall 1.2b10 on a PC Engines Wrap board, one lan and 1 mini PCI.
I gave the LAN on the mono a fixed IP adress in the LAT of the Server, but I would like to relay
DHCP requests from the laptops to the W2003 server.  The DHCP relay server gives me only the
possibility in Monowall to relay requests through the LAN interface, which is basically the wrong
side of Monowall.

Secondly what would be the recommendation to configure monowall itself to enable requests ?

Finally, I have another wrap board avaible to replace the ADSL router, but I would like to get some
more experience with day to day managing the monowall environment.

Best regards,
Hans Ruck

> Thanks,
> I was not quite clear on the configuration I'm trying to achieve
>    |---------|    |---------|                        |-------|
> ---| ADSL    |----| W2003 S | ( ----| PC's  |
>    | router  |    | DHCP    |                        |-------|
>    |---------|    |---------|
>                       |
>                       |
>                   |---------| (
>                   |  LAN    |   none bridged
>                   | Mono 1.2b7
>                   | Atheros |
>                   | miniPCI |
>                   |  WAN    | ??
>                   |---------|
>                       \\
>                        \\
>                       ---
>                      \\
>                      Laptop A (DHCP client)
>                      Laptop B (DHCP client)

Umm... why do you use a seperate ADSL-Router in front of the W2k3 server? Why don't you use the
monowall instead?
(I'm using it inside a w2k-server in a vmware which sits on a D-Link
And why do you use the WAN side for the WLAN access? Any limitations, which we don't know? Only two
network interfaces on the wrap board? VoIP?
Better puttin' the monowall in front of the w2k3 server... mine gives away dhcp-leases through the
opt1 port without any rules.