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 From:  Markus <universe at truemetal dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Shaping scenario - possible with m0n0wall?
 Date:  Sun, 9 Oct 2005 20:11:17 +0200
I would like to find out whether the following shaping setup is possible
with m0n0wall.

Several subnets (/26, /27 - each in its own VLAN) shaped to e.g. 100
Mbit/s, 25 Mbit/s or 10 Mbit/s full-duplex. There is always a specific
amount of hosts located in each subnet and the available bandwidth per
subnet should be shared equally among all hosts in this particular

Let's say:

a) 100 Mbit/s full-duplex: - there are 50 hosts in this
subnet (,,, ...). The bandwidth is
shared equally among the hosts which results in each host receiving
exactly 2 Mbit/s full-duplex (100 Mbit/s / 50 hosts = 2 Mbit/s per host)
guaranteed at all times.

b) When some hosts are not maxing out their share of bandwidth, the
other hosts must be allowed to burst up to the defined bandwidth "pool"
limit, which is 100 Mbit/s full-duplex in this case. E.g. 49 servers do
not transfer any data, 1 server can burst up to 100 Mbit/s. Or, 25
servers are not transferring, 25 servers can burst up to 4 Mbit/s each.

c) Allow individual hosts in each subnet to receive a higher share of
this bandwidth (QoS). E.g. define that "" receives 5 Mbit/s
guaranteed out of the 100 Mbit/s pool. This results in all other 49
hosts receive only 1,94 Mbit/s guaranteed, but of course each host
should still be allowed to burst up to 100 Mbit/s if there's no other
activity at all.

d) Equally share the bandwidth among MAC addresses in a subnet, and not
by IP addresses.

Actually, we are doing a) and b) with a FreeBSD software router using
ipfw and DUMMYNET, but we are looking for c) and d) and DUMMYNET does
not provide such features or we couldn't yet figure out how to achieve

Thank you very much,