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 From:  "Paul Rae" <PRae at aminocom dot com>
 To:  "Manuel Kasper" <mk at neon1 dot net>, <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] 1.2 released! -- BUG --
 Date:  Sun, 9 Oct 2005 22:07:55 +0100
First Bug ...?
Just upgraded and had to revert back to 1.2b10
After upgrading i get the following error when trying to browse:
Network Error (gateway_error) 
An error occurred attempting to communicate with an HTTP or SOCKS gateway.  
The gateway may be temporarily unavailable, or there could be a network problem.  
For assistance, contact your network support team.  

There is no HTTP or SOCK's proxy on my network. To ensure config wasn't corrupted in the upgrade i
restored it and had the same issue. Reverting back to old version works fine.
The only non-standard(ish) thing about my setup is i do the following in my setup:
route delete default
route add default -interface -link sis0
Just incase it was this i took it out and applied the commands by hand through the exec.php page and
still had the same results.
Thoughts anyone ....?

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	From: Manuel Kasper [mailto:mk at neon1 dot net] 
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	Subject: [m0n0wall] 1.2 released!

	After many delays and almost a year since the last stable m0n0wall
	release, I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of m0n0wall
	1.2. Several new features have been added, existing ones have been
	improved, the webGUI has been made even easier to use, and many bugs
	have been fixed.
	This release marks the end of a long beta cycle with 9 beta releases,
	including a short excursion into using FreeBSD 5.3 as the base
	operating system, which proved to be impractical. It is clear though
	that FreeBSD 4.x is approaching the end of its life, and alternatives
	must be sought. The discussion about the future of m0n0wall (in terms
	of base operating system and architecture) will be launched soon on
	this mailing list.
	The most important changes in this release:
	- IPsec certificate support
	- improved firewall rule handling in the webGUI
	- RFC 2136 DNS updater
	- more diagnostics pages (Traceroute, ARP, firewall states)
	- PPPoE/PPTP dial-on-demand
	- DHCP relay service
	- bigger filter state table (30000 entries)
	- logging for PPTP VPN and captive portal; firewall log filtering
	- RADIUS accounting for PPTP VPN
	- captive portal improvements (HTTPS login, RADIUS, etc.)
	- console speed no longer fixed to 9600 bps
	- IDE hard disk standby option for generic-pc
	- more NIC drivers; support for polling
	- all components updated to the latest version
	- countless small improvements in the webGUI
	- many bug fixes
	Upgrading from 1.11 or any of the 1.2b versions shouldn't cause any
	problems. There are two things to keep in mind, though:
	- The firewall is no longer bypassed for traffic that enters and
	leaves through the same interface (due to static routes) by default.
	This is now a configurable option on the advanced setup page.
	- If you've been using OpenVPN in earlier 1.2b versions, make very
	sure after upgrading that all your rules still point to the right
	interfaces (the OpenVPN pseudo-interfaces will be removed). Better
	yet, restore the configuration backup you made before you enabled
	OpenVPN (as per the suggestion in the webGUI) prior to upgrading.
	Downloads are available at:
	Full change log:
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