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 From:  Michele Pensotti <10nico at tin dot it>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] OpenVPN on 1.2 or later
 Date:  Sun, 16 Oct 2005 21:47:43 +0200
Hi all.
I'm an OpenVPN user and I've just discovered m0n0wall.
Today I've tried out the image with the latest OpenVPN code which is 
available from here:


Specifically I used this one:


After many unsuccessful tries (it connected but nothing passed on the 
tunnel) I noticed the following recurring error in the syslog:

openvpn[1083]: WARNING: 'comp-lzo' is present in remote config but missing 
in local config, remote='comp-lzo'

So I added in the expert settings the string:


and applied changes

But now it doesn't connect at all (interface never gets up) , and gives 
this other error:

openvpn[1358]: Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) 
in /var/etc/ovpn_cli_tun0.conf:17: comp-lzo (2.0.2)

To me it seems like OpenVPN has been compiled without LZO support.

Is it correct?

Just to be sure, I removed the "comp-lzo" parameter from the expert 
settings and also on the server to which I was trying to connect and the 
tunnel connected ok and the data flowed ok.

So it is definitely a compression issue.

This is the only thing that keeps me from switching to m0n0wall, could you 
please correct it?

Thank you in advance