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 From:  Chris Olive <chris at technologEase dot com>
 To:  ccesario <ccesario at isic dot com dot br>
 Cc:  Huub Reuver <h underscore reuver at mantell dot xs4all dot nl>, m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Re: Mini-itx
 Date:  Sun, 04 Jan 2004 14:58:33 -0500
ccesario wrote:

> I intend  to use HD or CF, and VIA EPIA CL 6000 Dual LAN/4S Fanless M/B.
> Therefore that I'm researching about compatibility.
> Greats
> Carlos
> Huub Reuver writes:
>> On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 03:44:41AM +0000, ccesario wrote:
>>> Hey... did anybody test m0n0wall in some mini-itx?
>>> Does some exist mini-itx 100% compatible with m0n0wall? 
>>> Per example.... VIA EPIA CL 6000 Dual LAN/4S Fanless M/B is compatible?
>> An Epia is just another x86-compatible pc. If you use the older C3 or
>> the Eden it will be i486 compatible. The newer Nehemiah will be i586
>> compatible (some software compiles for 'i686').
>> It will work with the generic image although I have not tested it.
>> The CD-version should also work.
>> It is just a standard pc. You should worry about how the pc is going
>> to load the image. Does it use IDE, a CF-card or a CD?
>> PXE/TFTP seems not yet an option.
>> With regards,
>> Huub
As already indicated, m0n0wall should at least run off the CD image on 
the mini-itx (assuming you have a CD-ROM installed in your mini-itx 
solution.)  I'm not familiar with the/a m0n0wall HD install, so I can't 
speak to that.  I think the CF images (correct me if I'm wrong Manuel or 
others) are tailored for the Soekris boards...  I know you can boot the 
EPIA motherboards from the USB, so an image tailored for i386 on a 
keychain USB drive would work.

I'm piping in because I did *a lot* of research on this before settling 
on my own solution of choice and I eliminated the VIA motherboard 
solutions (eg. mini-itx) for the simple reason that a whole lot of what 
is on that board goes to waste with m0n0wall or any other 
firewalling/routing solution.  But that's my own matter of taste.  The 
Soekris boards (IMO) are tailored perfectly for a firewalling app.  The 
footprint is much smaller (even smaller than the mini-itx footprint).  
By the time you get through putting together a minimum mini-tix 
solution, you could have a Soekris net4511 w/a wireless kit installed; 
most of your mini-itx hardware will just go to waste.  My opinion...  
(Maybe you've got a mini-itx sitting around doing nothing and it makes 
perfect sense for you...)

To each his own, however.  If you are stuck on the VIA/EPIA boards, the 
minimum board running at 533mhz (5000 Eden, I believe) is PLENTY and 
will boot from USB.

Chris Olive
chris at technologEase dot com