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 From:  "Darth Moula" <darth underscore moula at atlas dot cz>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [bayes] Re: [m0n0wall] ASK - generic PC hardwarerequirements
 Date:  Mon, 5 Jan 2004 19:31:25 +0100
Thanks for your advice, but my unreasonable wish is ZERO COST. I have some
"garbage" and I wish to use it with no more investment. I leave m0n0wall
running with 128MB RAM (Celeron 333, Realtek), I'm satisfied.

> I don't know about where you live....
...in heart of Europe. If you read some like this about my country - you
bet, this is absolutely true:

: Havel started this national tragedy (and bears the ultimate responsibility
: for it) by guaranteeing no punishment for commie crimes (the old communist
: elite miraculously metamorphed into a business elite within a few months,
: they were commies before, now they are "businesmen"), his old protege and
: first Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus (self-styled "economist") in turn
: developed the widespread fraud and theft into a national pastime called
: "privatization". Yes, you could steal whatever you wanted, no problem, you
: could borrow millions from the bank with full intention of never being
: to repay it - no problem, no fear of punishment - we have Havel as
: president and Klaus as Prime Minister. Charlatans, scoundrels and scam
: artists are still running the country - just like in Somalia or Ethiopia.

taken from http://www.zvedavec.org/nazory.php?clanek=360