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 From:  "Tim Dickson" <tdickson at cordevalle dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  PDS 2300
 Date:  Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:36:01 -0700
I have an intrusion PDS 2300 and wanted to run m0n0wall on it.  In this
mailing list it looks like there have been several attempts but only one
vague success.   I decided to give it a crack.  I was unsuccessful
running from a CF card but I did however get it to boot on a m0n0wall
derived distribution called pfsense (pfsense.com - uses packet filter
instead and is running on freebsd 5.0). I did this by running it from
the hard drive instead of the CF card.  I have it fully working with LAN
WAN and OPT1 ports... it's great!  But it's very unstable, it will lock
up every minute or so.  (granted pfsense is in beta)  Has anyone been
successful with m0n0wall yet!?!?


Further explanations:

CF boot issues and HD success... I believe this is definitely a bios
issue.  Steps to correct this would most definitely work.

After booting from HD the ports are as follows:

            E1 = OPT1 port - disabled by default

            E2 = LAN

            E3 = WAN

I installed to HD by running the liveCD and installing from a laptop.  I
then inserted the HD into the PDS and let it boot.  I plugged in my
xover cable and upon boot I was given an IP address.  I logged into the
IP address and setup the firewall.  Every minute or so I will loose
connection though.

The website that has info on these boards is here:


That's about the extent of it...  has anyone tried the IDE to CF adapter
and seen if it can boot from that card?

I hope this helps out everyone!!!




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