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 From:  Edward Saipetch <beamz at twentybelow dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Bridging, NAT, and vlans
 Date:  Tue, 25 Oct 2005 22:15:35 -0500
I've been going through the archives and am hoping someone can set me 
straight here.

This is my network setup:

WAN/DSL (sis0) --- LAN (sis1 -
                      |  DMZ/OPT1 (sis2/vlan1 -
                      -- WLAN Private/OPT2 (sis2/vlan2)

Basically I've got a 3com AP with multiple SSID's that supports vlans. 
The WAN link is nat'd on DSL. I have an open SSID using the DMZ. It is 
isolated with certain holes punched through to the LAN but unrestricted 
NAT traffic out through the WAN. I would like to now bridge OPT2 with 
the LAN because the new vlan uses an SSID using WPA2 etc. So I would 
like unrestricted access between the LAN and OPT2 and OPT2 and the WAN 
interface. If I set up a rule for OPT2 to have access to anywhere then 
it will go out through the WAN but can not contact anything on the LAN. 
I thought with bridging I didn't have to set up any additional firewall 

I don't have bridge filtering on but it seems that without firewall 
rules for OPT2, no traffic goes anywhere.

A revised diagram would look like this:

WAN/DSL (sis0) --- LAN (sis1 - -(bridged)- WLAN 
Private/OPT2 (sis2/vlan2)
                      |  DMZ/OPT1 (sis2/vlan1 -

Forgive me if my explanation doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify if 
I can.