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 From:  "Brian Shurley" <brian at brilliant dash tm dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  PPTP Error 619
 Date:  Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:18:16 -0700
SUMMARY -  Connecting via Windows PPTP client behind NAT provided by a beta
1.2 m0n0wall to another v1.2 m0n0wall is very problematic.  There is
something weird in the interaction of PPTP through NAT on the beta versions
of 1.2 when connecting to another v1.2 m0n0wall. If you are having problems
with error 619 when PPTPing to a m0n0wall. think more about where you are
coming from (behind NAT?) than fixing problems on where you are going to.  


I use m0n0wall's PPTP extensively between my office and multiple clients'
offices.  I have been getting the PPTP error 619 from the Windows 2003
Server PPTP client frequently (with no rhyme or reason) - but finally
tonight might have figured out some patterns that may be useful to other
people having this problem.


My office is behind NAT on a m0n0wall, and was running version v1.2b6.  When
connecting with the Windows PPTP client to other m0n0walls running v1.11 I
never had problems.


When 1.2 (final) was released I installed it at two places.  When using PPTP
to connect to these offices (from behind NAT on my v1.2b6 m0n0wall) I would
frequently get the 619 error.  I assumed it was a bug in the 1.2 version and
the problem was on the PPTP server end (not on the client end).  I would
have my client's reboot their firewalls and 90% of the time would allow me
to VPN in again.


Ran into the problem again tonight and am desperate to VPN into an office.
I read all the listserv archives and though I am behind NAT. had never had
problems before.  So I [finally] upgraded my office firewall to v1.2 (final)
and haven't had a problem since.