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 From:  "Carsten Larsen" <info at blackboxdata dot dk>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  multiple subnets on one monowall
 Date:  Fri, 4 Nov 2005 02:32:40 +0100
Hi all


First let me tell you how my network is


I have multiple networks like / 24 gw vlan 101 / 24 gw vlan 102 / 24 gw vlan 103

Etc etc etc 

Up to about / 24 gw vlan 115


These are running on their own vlans connected to a bunch of HP2650 layer 2
managed switches, which all are connected to a Netgear GSM7312 Layer 3
switch, that is our default gateway for all these subnets


From the layer 3 switch, the traffic runs into a cisco pic 506 and then onto
our cisco 4000 router which runs our internet, and everything is fine


Now i´m trying to exchance the pix with a monowall, to get the traffic
shaper option on our entire network


The monowall has to Ethernet cards in, one for lan which is / 24

The other for wan is 80.164.175.xxx / 28 gateway 80.164.175.xxx


I have in the monowall created a lot of static routes, one from every subnet
like /24 gateway /24 gateway / 24 gateway


And so on


But I cant get this to work


When i´m sitting on vlan 101, with a pc with I can and using as my default gateway, I can get thru to the internet, though
the monowall, and everything is fine, I can ping other machines on other
vlans, example, so that is also working.


But i´f im using (my layer 7 switch) for default gateway, and
define the next hop address in the layer 3 switch to be I cant
get out.


I tried switching to vlan 103 and this doesn’t work either, I then have a ip with for gateway (same layer 3 switch), with
next hop address, NO GO


I hope you can understand what it is I want to do?


Just to clarify, in my layer 3 switch I define the next hop address, which
is normally my pix and this is working flawlessly, but when I
change it to it doesn’t work.


From the monowall I can ping the internet, and also machines on different
vlans, so it does have some kind of contact with them.


Also I have experienced, that every time I make a change I the monowall, and
press apply, I lose the monowall, stops responding to ping, and I then have
to reboot the monowall, using option 5 in the menu interface, when rebooted
it have accepted the changes, but still, I think its odd that it behaves
like this.


I´m using version 1.2 on the monowall


Hope that any one can help me, figure out what is wrong, or maybe just
clarify, whether the monowall can handle all these subnets?



Carsten Larsen