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 From:  "Aaron with Morad" <aaronc at morad dot ab dot ca>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0wall 1.2 stop responding.
 Date:  Fri, 4 Nov 2005 16:03:47 -0700
I have also been having this problem.  I run a Lex Systems CV860A with 
Realtek NICs and 256 MB of RAM, 800 MHz processor.  Not using a lot other 
than DHCP and quite a few VLANs and virtual interfaces running on OPT1 and 
some NAT stuff.

My lockups come between 2 and 7 days apart.  Doesn't have to be heavy load. 
I've been watching this thread and don't think this is a NIC issue - my 
boxes (2 out of 5) lock up and I can't even make any input using the locally 
attached keyboard, no response.  Memory issue could be possible.  My 
problems began after I upgraded to 1.2b10.  Whil running 1.2b9 I had uptimes 
of approx. 45 days with no issues.  I just upgraded to 1.2 stable this 
afternoon - we'll see how that goes.


|    Hi, I use m0n0wall in a pc 133mhz with 64 mb of ram and two 3com 905c, 
after 15 or 20 days of uptime, the box stop responding. No acess to the 
internet, the lan network of m0n0wall don't reply to ping's and no acess to 
the webGui.
| I use the folowing services:
| dns forwarder, traffic shaper, dhcp server and pptp server. I have only to 
computer on the lan. This problem don't apear with the last beta, but after 
upgrading to the 1.2 I start to use te pptp server.
| My traffic is www, mail and a p2p software working 7days/days.