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 From:  S dot F at fantasymail dot de
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Wishlist --> GUI --> Mount options - Good/Bad? (Comments?)
 Date:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 04:27:12 +0100 (MET)
Hallo Monowall-List,

Currently i use monowall as CD/Floppy version on a
normal PC x86 Pentium 1 System (166 MHZ w. MMX and
128 MB RAM). I know that monowall is mostly for a
embedded x86-based System but some things are imho
missing. Maybe Manuel want to say what he think too?

I checked the Developers Handbook (looks very fine!)
and currently i missing a few functions in monoeall.

What do you think about the possibility to define a
place where the conf and firewall logs can be local
saved? Maybe allow to write at the same time on a
hdd and floppy? In this way no config can get lost.

I already saw that NO_SWAPPING option is compiled in
the cdversions kernel. Wont be it maybe a good idea
to add a funktion in the webgui where users can define
a pre-pared HDD (or maybe directly format and save a
automatic mounted HDD on boot) that can be used as
SWAP and log harddrive local? Is there any GOOD reason
to let swapping disabled for security or stability?

I also saw that all raid drivers are not installed in
that kernel. Maybe keep iir (ICP/Intel) and 3ware drivers
in that kernel or you know a easy way to offer a funcation
to save a kernel modul on the floppy disc that then the
System load a driver modul, and then mount a file system?

For my self i guess that i can be able (with the use of
the Developers Handbook) to create my own Monowall image
with my missed functions and by the way remove drivers that
i personaly not need for my firewall box.

My "whishes" are maybe for interesting for all who want to
Use the CD/Floppy version with the way to use a SWAP and 1
partition (the free hdd space) for firewall logs.

Imho it cant be bad to offer swap space in a normal computer
system that monowall can use or i am wrong with that?

If i ever create a own monowall image then i will ...
- Use CD/Floppy Version
- Add ICP Vortex/Intel Raid Drivers
- Use a Raid 1 Array with 2 x 4,3 GB IMB Drives
- Adding 512 MB Swap Partition
- Use the rest of the Array for Log Space

Of course with modified fstab file and fine tuned Kernel
(remove all drivers that i never need in that box).

Now i wait hopefully for your comments :)