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 From:  S dot F at fantasymail dot de
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Wishlist --> GUI --> Mount options - Good/Bad? (Comments?)
 Date:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 04:58:53 +0100 (MET)

Thanks for your Mail. I know pfsense and i already
tested/used pfsense. PFsense looks good with nice
options in GUI but the biggest problem is that it do
not works correctly. Its more or less devel brunch
and need some time more to get working stable.

Example: Monowall runs stable with 4.11 Kernel very
very stable. PFsense uses 6.x Kernel - has much bugs
(the pfsense Developers do good work but it seams that
it need some time more to get stable).

PFSense did sometimes reboots for a unknown reason
on my firewall box (and i saw that others have the
same problem that it crash a couple times each day).

I will keep pfsense in my eyes but currently its not
a software that i can/want use.


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> (Comments?)
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> All of that is already done in pfsense, a deriviative of m0n0wall but
> based
> on freeBSD 6
> www.pfsense.org
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> Subject: [m0n0wall] Wishlist --> GUI --> Mount options - Good/Bad?
> (Comments?)
> Hallo Monowall-List,
> Currently i use monowall as CD/Floppy version on a
> normal PC x86 Pentium 1 System (166 MHZ w. MMX and
> 128 MB RAM). I know that monowall is mostly for a
> embedded x86-based System but some things are imho
> missing. Maybe Manuel want to say what he think too?
> I checked the Developers Handbook (looks very fine!)
> and currently i missing a few functions in monoeall.
> What do you think about the possibility to define a
> place where the conf and firewall logs can be local
> saved? Maybe allow to write at the same time on a
> hdd and floppy? In this way no config can get lost.
> I already saw that NO_SWAPPING option is compiled in
> the cdversions kernel. Wont be it maybe a good idea
> to add a funktion in the webgui where users can define
> a pre-pared HDD (or maybe directly format and save a
> automatic mounted HDD on boot) that can be used as
> SWAP and log harddrive local? Is there any GOOD reason
> to let swapping disabled for security or stability?
> I also saw that all raid drivers are not installed in
> that kernel. Maybe keep iir (ICP/Intel) and 3ware drivers
> in that kernel or you know a easy way to offer a funcation
> to save a kernel modul on the floppy disc that then the
> System load a driver modul, and then mount a file system?
> For my self i guess that i can be able (with the use of
> the Developers Handbook) to create my own Monowall image
> with my missed functions and by the way remove drivers that
> i personaly not need for my firewall box.
> My "whishes" are maybe for interesting for all who want to
> Use the CD/Floppy version with the way to use a SWAP and 1 partition (the
> free hdd space) for firewall logs.
> Imho it cant be bad to offer swap space in a normal computer system that
> monowall can use or i am wrong with that?
> If i ever create a own monowall image then i will ...
> - Use CD/Floppy Version
> - Add ICP Vortex/Intel Raid Drivers
> - Use a Raid 1 Array with 2 x 4,3 GB IMB Drives
> - Adding 512 MB Swap Partition
> - Use the rest of the Array for Log Space
> Of course with modified fstab file and fine tuned Kernel (remove all
> drivers
> that i never need in that box).
> Now i wait hopefully for your comments :)
> Regards,
> Stefan
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