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 From:  Marc Infield <marc at infielddesign dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  CENTOS 4 problem with 1:1 NAT
 Date:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 17:49:05 -0800

I'm mot very experienced with this stuff so I apologize in advance  
for my ignorance.

Does CENTOS not like NAT?

I am having trouble doing 1:1 NAT with a CENTOS 4 server. The strange  
part is right next to it is a Fedora FC3 server which works fine. I  
have tried switching internal and external IPs on the CENTOS server  
but it consistently looses it's connection with public internet the  
moment I apply 1:1 mapping to it's IP.

Here is some more information about my setup if you are still reading.

I have M0n0wall 1.2 setup on a Soekris 4501 and the basic setup is  
WAN - Static IPs (32 IPs)
LAN - DHCP on the subnet

Everything works great.

I want to add a DMZ with a couple servers on the OPT1 interface. So I  
set it up with the name DMZ and setup DHCP and static mapping for the  

DMZ interface setup
    - DHCP on the subnet
    - I mapped the two servers to fix IP address with static mapping  
by mac number

Still everything is fine, The servers are picking up the correct IP  
address and they are able to get to the internet. When I do 1:1 NAT  
mapping from a public IP within my assigned range the servers the  
CENTOS server looses connectivity. The Fedora server is fine and  
viewable from out side my network. I have tried assigning the CENTOS  
server to different internal IPs and mapping it to different public  
ones but the same thing happens.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.