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 From:  "Holger Bauer" <Holger dot Bauer at citec dash ag dot de>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  m0n0wall crashed due to active blaster on LAN-Side
 Date:  Fri, 9 Jan 2004 15:29:11 +0100
Hi all, 

I´m using m0n0wall since some releases now. I started with an old board a cd-rom and a floppy. Then
I upgraded to a pc-engines wrap with 3 nics. In the earlier versions of m0n0wall it crashed every
3-6 days but since pb22r566 this problem seems to be fixed. The functions of the m0n0wall are really
great and the trafficshaping helps on minimizing the bottlenecks of the connection on full throttle.
The administration is also quiet easy. Good work!

However, today the m0n0wall crashed every 2 minutes. First I downgraded to pb22r566 as I upgraded to
the new firmware today in the morning. This didn´t help. Then I recovered the old
cd-rom/floppy-m0n0wall with an even older version and even this one crashed after 2-5 minutes (about
30 clients at the LAN-side).
After that I bootet a coyote-linux which did the job before we changed to m0n0wall. I used iptraf to
analyze the networktraffic an saw, that one machine opened more than 800 connections at the same
time to increasing IP-adresses (,,...,,, and so
on). With the help of iptraf and inspection of the station that was found (a notebook that brought
back a blaster after traveling) we managed to find the problem. Coyotelinux didn´t crash under that
load on the same hardware. 

I still like m0n0wall more ;-) but my question now is:

When will m0n0wall feature more diagnostic-possibilities (and maybe more stability)? I have seen in
the wishlist, that some functions are planned.

Or ist it possible to add some functions to the m0n0wall rather easily? Maybe someone has done this
already, any suggestions?

Keep up the good work,