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 From:  Knut Singer <knut at knut dash singer dot de>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Problem installing m0n0wall on HD
 Date:  Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:45:01 +0100

after trying one very long night to install m0n0wall on a HD without success
- perhaps someone of you can help me.

I have read the FAQ, the documentation and a lot of links I could find - but the "final" hint is
still missing for me.

What I have:
- an old PC with 1 GByte HD, a bootable Floppy Drive and a non-bootable CD-ROM Drive.
- Other PCs with Windows ME.

In my environment with Windows ME physdiskwrite doesn't recognize any
built in HDs. The question, which HD should be overwritten, is shown
with "(0...0)" and no disks are shown.
I tried to format the m0n0wall HD with FAT, with FAT32, to leave it
blank as a partition and to delete all partitions. No success. Even the
windows HD isn't shown.. ;-(

I had the Windows HD on IDE-controller 1 as master, and the HD for Monowall on
IDE-controller 2 also as master.

Then I tried to copy the image with rawrite to HD, but rawrite and the
other similiar programs write to floppydisks only ;-(

Then I had a look to a FreeBSD-Site and tried to install a FreeBSD
Bootmanager from a dos-diskette to the monowall HD, and extracted the
content of the monowall image ( not the image itself ) to the HD. The
boot manager worked fine, but monowall didn't come up ( which did not
surprise me, as I think, a boot loader has to be at the right sectors ). 
I tried this with FAT and FAT32 as monowall partition..
and.. and and..

So, to make it short:

How can I install monowall to HD without physdiskwrite?
Is there a tool to copy the image to HD from a DOS floppy disk with CD-support?
A floppy is available and a CD-Drive, that can be read from but not
booted from.

Please don't forget to tell me, if in the method of your answer the HD
has to be prepared in any way ( partitions, formatting, deleting all

Thank you very much!

Ciao, Knut