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 From:  Jack Pivac <email at delphinus dot co dot nz>
 To:  Knut Singer <knut at knut dash singer dot de>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Problem installing m0n0wall on HD
 Date:  Wed, 23 Nov 2005 08:48:52 +1300
If you have knoppix lying round 
or follow the http://www.m0n0.ch/wall/installation_generic_dsl.php damn 
small linux instructions.

Worked like a charm for me :)

And then you can even leave your other hard drives unplugged so 0% risk 
of overwriting the wrong one.


Knut Singer wrote:

>after trying one very long night to install m0n0wall on a HD without success
>- perhaps someone of you can help me.
>I have read the FAQ, the documentation and a lot of links I could find - but the "final" hint is
>still missing for me.
>What I have:
>- an old PC with 1 GByte HD, a bootable Floppy Drive and a non-bootable CD-ROM Drive.
>- Other PCs with Windows ME.
>In my environment with Windows ME physdiskwrite doesn't recognize any
>built in HDs. The question, which HD should be overwritten, is shown
>with "(0...0)" and no disks are shown.
>I tried to format the m0n0wall HD with FAT, with FAT32, to leave it
>blank as a partition and to delete all partitions. No success. Even the
>windows HD isn't shown.. ;-(
>I had the Windows HD on IDE-controller 1 as master, and the HD for Monowall on
>IDE-controller 2 also as master.
>Then I tried to copy the image with rawrite to HD, but rawrite and the
>other similiar programs write to floppydisks only ;-(
>Then I had a look to a FreeBSD-Site and tried to install a FreeBSD
>Bootmanager from a dos-diskette to the monowall HD, and extracted the
>content of the monowall image ( not the image itself ) to the HD. The
>boot manager worked fine, but monowall didn't come up ( which did not
>surprise me, as I think, a boot loader has to be at the right sectors ). 
>I tried this with FAT and FAT32 as monowall partition..
>and.. and and..
>So, to make it short:
>How can I install monowall to HD without physdiskwrite?
>Is there a tool to copy the image to HD from a DOS floppy disk with CD-support?
>A floppy is available and a CD-Drive, that can be read from but not
>booted from.
>Please don't forget to tell me, if in the method of your answer the HD
>has to be prepared in any way ( partitions, formatting, deleting all
>Thank you very much!
>Ciao, Knut
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