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 From:  "Daniel Ortiz" <zaterio at othernet dot cl>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Cc:  <zaterio at othernet dot cl>
 Subject:  NAT and captive portal
 Date:  Mon, 28 Nov 2005 22:02:54 -0300


I finished to configure a dmz web-proxy In another mail to the m0n0 maillist
I wrote my situation:




Router m0n0wall witch 4 NICs:


LAN  (rlo)


WAN (cs1) pppoe-client, Internet gateway.


DMZ (rl1)


Hotspot (rl2)


 All the Hotspot traffic ( must be redirect to the squid
web-proxy in the DMZ subnet ( Server IP:, i experiment with the
inbound NAT: 


If: hotspot

Proto: tcp

Ext.port range: 80

NAT ip:

Int. Port range: 3128


The configurtion Works, all the traffic of hotspot users is redirect to (I can see that in iptraf or in the sarg report or in squid
logs). but I have a new problem:

The captive portal (configured in hotspot interface) dont work. Is logic,
because the trafic is natted to the Proxy-server, after I try to  disable
the captive portal in hotspot interface and enable de portal in DMZ
interface, but still not working. I dont know how portal captive Works, I
can see that Works in the 8000 tcp port, but the rules not are present in
the firewall rules.

I finís all my ideas,

Any sugestions?


Thanks in advance