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 From:  Eric Gregory <eric at gatewayconnections dot com>
 To:  Joseph & Katie Jackson <jkjackson at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Counter strike trouble.
 Date:  Thu, 22 Dec 2005 10:17:37 -0600
Yeah, I had tried that too, I have created the rules to allow these 
ports on the WAN
UDP 	* 	* 	* 	1200 	Allow UDP 1200 

UDP 	* 	* 	* 	27000 - 27015 	Allow UDP 27000 to 27015 

	TCP 	* 	* 	* 	27020 - 27039 	Allow TCP 27020 to 27039 

TCP 	* 	* 	* 	27040 - 27041 	Allow TCP 27040 and 27041 

These are applied as the first rules on the WAN interface

When I try to connect to the steam server I see this in the Firewall
22:09:05.007402 	WAN <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?if=WAN> <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?sp=> 
<http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?dp=> 	UDP 

22:09:01.951059 	WAN <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?if=WAN> <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?sp=> 
<http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?dp=> 	UDP 

22:08:58.890187 	WAN <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?if=WAN> <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?sp=> 
<http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?dp=> 	UDP 

22:08:52.964336 	WAN <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?if=WAN> <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?sp=> 
<http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?dp=> 	UDP 

22:08:49.807124 	WAN <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?if=WAN> <http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?sp=> 
<http://mono/diag_logs_filter.php?dp=> 	UDP 

Etc, etc, etc
All these entries show they are blocked.  If I shut off the option to 
show packets blocked by the default rule I don't see these.

Did I apply these rules in the wrong place or something?

Joseph & Katie Jackson wrote:


> Here is the article from Steam, make sure you are allowing these ports.
> On 12/22/05, *Eric Gregory* <eric at gatewayconnections dot com 
> <mailto:eric at gatewayconnections dot com>> wrote:
>     I am trying to run counter strike (Client, not server) on a PC on my
>     lan, I have firewall rules setup to allow from Lan to any.  When I
>     try
>     to use the Steam client to find servers I get a message that the
>     master
>     server could not be reached.  When checking the firewall logs I
>     see UDP
>     packets from various hosts on the internet destined for the host
>     running
>     the steam software and Counter Strike being blocked.  If I uncheck the
>     show packets blocked by the default block rule in the lot settings the
>     packets no longer show.  I assume based on this that the default
>     rule is
>     blocking these packets.  I have tried creating rules to allow all
>     UDP (I
>     would never leave it that way but wanted to see if it would work) as
>     well as allowing ANY traffic to the host in question and nothing
>     seems
>     to work.  Anyone know what rules I need to add to fix this problem?
>     Running Mono 1.2 on this system.
>     Thanks
>     Eric
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