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 From:  Raylund Lai <raylund dot lai at kankanwoo dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Cannot set PPoE MTU size
 Date:  Sun, 25 Dec 2005 15:23:13 -0500
I've no clue on it as, by default, m0n0 is on 1492 if you don't enter 
anything on the WAN page.  I personally use 1454 (too many fragment when 
using 1492) so I entered on the WAN page's MTU field.

Have you spot any abnormal activities at the section of "ipfstat -v" in 
the page of status.php?

One thing bear in mind that the MTU setting in m0n0 is done by 
ipfilter's MSS clamping.  Thus the MTU setting will not show on the 
status.php page; the page always display 1492 for the interface ng0.


Giselher Nitz wrote:
> Raylund Lai schrieb:
>> The WAN interface of PPPoE is ng0, not your "real" interface.  -Raylund
>> Giselher Nitz wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I cannot set MTU size for the WAN interface PPoE connection.
>>> In fact I want 1492 Bytes but the system always has 1500.
>>> Everything I change in the web interface gets saved and used, apart 
>>> from MTU size in PPoE. It gets saved obviously, because after reboot 
>>> the correct value is shown in the web interface configuration page, 
>>> but status.php always shows 1500 for the wan interface.
>>> How can I force it or can anyone help?
> Hi Raylund,
> thnaks for the hint. Let it be the virtual adapter ng0. But still that 
> is static to an MTU of 1440. I need 1492. The changes don't go in.
> I have the problem, that I can rwach only ver few web sites. Like 1 
> out of 100. It seems to be generally working. But most sites tiem out. 
> As I am connected to german Arcor company, I was told to be connected 
> wth an MTU of 1492. The default value or a explicitly entered value of 
> 1492 as well as a fantastic 1234 are always ignored.
>  Any idea?
> Thanks in advance
>   Giselher