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 From:  "Junior Gillespie" <jgillespie at t dash speed dot com>
 To:  <w dot plein at gmail dot com>, <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall-dev] Traffic Shaping - DShaper Images
 Date:  Thu, 12 Jan 2006 14:58:03 -0600
w dot plein at gmail dot com

No disrespect taken, I had to look for a second to see if I had posted
the link for the source. Guess I didn't. 

The source code is available via: http://m0n0.paxetman.com/dshaper/

It wouldn't be very smart to run just anything without a little
research, and I'm glad to see that you did yours. Freshmeat hasn't yet
made available my updates to my project. The existing source and binary
are released under the revised BSD License found at:

Let me know what you think about the project.



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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall-dev] Traffic Shaping - DShaper Images

At 11:03 AM 1/12/2006, Junior Gillespie wrote:
>         I updated the latest 1.21 m0n0wall images to include Dshaper.
>DShaper allows for variable bandwidth traffic shaping that can be 
>configured to adjust the size of pipes, depending on traffic volume 
>flowing. This feature allows one to limit amount of bandwidth within a 
>specific time frame.

No disrespect intended, but without being able to find more information
about your dshaper project (which is defunct on freshmeat), and without
open source code, I can't consider running it on my firewall.

Think about it for a second... "Try running this closed source,
binary-only software on your firewall for me".  Unless I knew and
trusted the source implicitly, I'd be a cowboy if I introduced this to
my first-point-of-security in my environment!

Any chance that you'll publish anything at all about your project, so we
can make an informed decision?  Maybe others here know you better than
I, but I don't have any past history with the project, so my defenses
are up....

w dot plein at gmail dot com 

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