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 From:  "Emanuele Baglini" <Emanuele at be dash ahead dot it>
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 Subject:  R: [m0n0wall] Feature suggestion: show related rule in firewall logs
 Date:  Sun, 22 Jan 2006 16:30:06 +0100
I think that this should be great!

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Da: Tim Vaughan [mailto:talltim at gmail dot com] 
Inviato: domenica 22 gennaio 2006 13.31
A: m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
Oggetto: [m0n0wall] Feature suggestion: show related rule in firewall logs


Is it possible to show which firewall rule was responsible for a
particular block shown on the logs page?  This would be really useful
with complicated firewall rules, showing why a packet was blocked.

This thought occurred to me while I was trying to figure out why a
Linksys NSLU2 was being blocked over Port 80 (sample log entry:

12:06:18.130076  	 LAN, port 80, port
34660  	 TCP)

This is trying to reach it over the VPN connecting my
home network to my work network.  I can reach other
hosts on any port fine but the NSLU2 doesn't respond to ping, tcp over
port 80 and mounting a network share on it gets blocked too eventually
although oddly I can connect for a few seconds:

12:10:41.502859  	 LAN, port 139, port
50279  	 TCP

I still have no idea about this one because I have no rules blocking
any traffic on the LAN interface.


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