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 From:  "Aaron with Morad" <aaronc at morad dot ab dot ca>
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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Trouble with VLANs and Bridging
 Date:  Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:19:39 -0700
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From: "Kyle Schultz" <Kyle dot Schultz at ColoState dot EDU>
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Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 6:12 PM
Subject: [m0n0wall] Trouble with VLANs and Bridging


     I am attempting to create a filtering bridge that sits
between two switches that are connected with a tagged VLAN.
However, the bridge stops working just by creating the VLAN on
either interface, without even assigning the VLAN to any interface.

Can anyone confirm for me that bridging does work over/with a VLAN?

Here is the setup:
m0n0wall 1.21
P4 2.4Ghz 512MB
VR0:  VIA VT6102 Rhine 100TX
EM0, EM1:  Intel PWLA8492MT Pro/1000 MT Dual Port
EM0 connected to tagged VLAN (VID 181) on HP 2524
EM1 connected to tagged VLAN (VID 181) on HP Procurve 5304XL

LAN -> VR0
WAN -> VLAN (EM0 VID 181)
OPT1 -> VLAN (EM1 VID 181) bridged with WAN

I can ping the WAN IP this way, from either side (through EM0 &
EM1), just no traffic passes through.  I allowed all traffic and
confirmed that the filtering bridge works in a test environment
without the VLAN.

If I set it as follows, it will pass traffic, but can not filter
(because it is on a tagged VLAN with 802.1Q traffic):
WAN -> EM0
OPT1 -> EM1 bridged with WAN

This stops working after I create a VLAN via assign->VLANs.  I
don't even have to assign a VLAN to WAN or OPT and the bridge

I do not believe this is an issue with the card, as it natively
supports 802.1Q.  That and the card does respond to traffic on
both ends of the VLAN, it just doesn't bridge.

One of the only things I've seen regarding this issue is from
Aaron with Morad on 1 December 2005:

 >I set up my CV860 using the OPT (Realtek) just as a physical
 >bridge to the WAN (Realtek) and it works with no issues.
 >Only when I try to bridge a VLAN to the WAN does the
 >bridge not work.

I have done a lot with VLANs but I was never able to bridge one (although I 
can route between them quite nicely).  It may a limit of my hardware (the 
Realtek NICs) but I have new boards coming with Intel NICs and I will try 
again.  Also, I have never created a VLAN that was hosted on the WAN 

I think Chris Buechler will be the guy to help you out.