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 From:  Anthony Mattke <tony at mattke dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] WAN = Wireless Client
 Date:  Fri, 27 Jan 2006 08:06:07 -0500
I really appreciate all the quick responses.

AND Yeah, I had ibss and bss mixed up, It was late and I was really
tired... sorry :)

So, my mono box is in bss mode, which DHCP turned on, block private
networks is turned off. But I'm not getting an IP from the AP. (This
is just a routed bridge to my friend/neighbor.)

Anyway, I just set it up on my AP here in the house so I can easily
check out the status. My AP shows that it is associated with it, but
it dosent seem like it is trying to get an IP address.

So, I checked the logs, and it shows dhclient trying to get an ip
address, I even ssh'd in (i installed the ssh-shellpack version) and
ran /sbin/dhclient wi0 myself, still no IP.

The 2 laptops in the house have no problems getting IPs from my AP,
so, why would this box be any different, I added the MAC address to
the allowed table. I've rebooted the AP and the monowall box for heck
of it, still no IP.

Anyone have a clue where to start looking?

Thanks so much for the help,


On 1/27/06, Jim Thompson <jim at netgate dot com> wrote:
> Kenman Wong wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've tried this before. I have two m0n0wall boxes. One has the WiFi as
> > WAN interface and the other has WiFi on the LAN.
> > For the mode I set them both to BSS (infrastructure). (btw you got
> > IBSS, BSS/adhoc, infrastructure mixed up in your email)
> > Set up both side with the same SSID, WEP key, and Mode. I leave the
> > station name field blank.
> >
> > For the box with WiFi on the WAN interface, choose type to be DHCP and
> > disable the "Block private networks" option
> > at the bottom. I am assuming you are picking up an IP from the DHCP
> > server in the private network segment.
> >
> > For the box with WiFi on the LAN interface, enable your DHCP server on
> > the LAN side.
> >
> > Hope that helps.
> >
> > cheers,
> > Kenman
> >
> > Anthony Mattke wrote:
> >
> >> Is there a way to setup my wifi card to be a wireless client / for the
> >> WAN interface?
> >>
> >> How can I get it to associate with the AP? Which mode do I use (in the
> >> mono config)?
> >>
> >> I'm using 1.21 and under Interfaces -> WAN I set DHCP, the ssid, and
> >> the mode to IBSS since I know the other two are not what I want. (just
> >> in case, it shows hostap (which i assume is an AP mode), BSS (which is
> >> says is ad-hoc), and IBSS (which is says in infrastructure mode, and I
> >> have no clue what that is, but I know its not the other two) )
> >>
> >> Anyway, thats what I changed so far, I currently just want it to pass
> >> traffic.. but I cant get it to pull an IP from the AP. (at least,
> >> according to System-> Interfaces)
> >
> I think you've both confused things some.  Here is a key:
> Mode:  hostap
> Meaning:  Act as an AP for other stations.   A wireless card in 'hostap'
> mode will *ONLY* communicate
>     with a station (or set of stations) which have associated to it.   A
> wireless card in "hostap" mode *MUST" have an ESSID set, and *MUST* have
> a channel (frequency) set, or it won't function.
> Mode: bss
> Meaning: Act as a client to an AP (the AP can be monowall powered or
> otherwise)
> A 'bss' client will *ONLY* 'communicate' with the AP to which it is
> associated.   No BSS <--> BSS communication
> will take place.    Unlikes hostap mode you don't have to set the
> channel (frequency) or ESSID.  If you don't, then the driver and/or
> firmware on the card will work to select the "best" AP with which to
> associate.
> Mode: ibss
> Meaning: this is also known as "ad-hoc".   Two ibss (or adhoc) stations
> *can* communicate IF (and only if) they have the same ESSID.   The
> behavior of adhoc mode is not as well-defined as the other two modes.
> Its possible, of course, that you can just take two random cards in
> adhoc mode with random settings, and they'll eventually 'find' each
> other and create a network, but you are better off if you actually go
> ahead and set the essid and channel here on both cards.
> You can bridge an interface in 'hostap' mode to an Ethernet (or other
> 'hostap' mode wireless interface).
> You can *NOT* bridge a bss mode or ibss mode interface to anything
> else.   For these, you would need to route the packets.   (Technically,
> if the freebsd driver had WDS support, you could, but it doesn't, so..)
> So, assuming you want to associate with a distant AP, and provide
> service to a number of clients on an Ethernet segment:
> assign wi0 to WAN
> assign sis0 (or whatever) to LAN
>     set ESSID
>     set channel
>     set mode to BSS
>     enable DHCP client (or set an IP address)
>     If assigned address is in rfc1918 space, uncheck the "block private
> address space" option
>     set IP address (probably in 1918 space) and netmask
>     enable DHCP, check the enabled "range" of IP addresses
> reboot
> Jim
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