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 From:  "Andrew \"Silver Blade\" Greenwood" <m0n0wall at silverblade dot co dot uk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Help with Traffic Shaping
 Date:  Tue, 31 Jan 2006 23:20:04 +0000
I still can't get my head around traffic shaping.

I know there's a "magic shaper wizard" but I prefer to do things myself, 
primarily because then I'll learn something and also everything's then 
tailored to my own needs.

So far, I've followed what the magic shaper wizard does, and made a few 
queues for WAN upstream and downstream. There's an upstream pipe, and a 
downstream pipe.

My initial desire is to restrict the amount of upstream BitTorrent uses 
(not because I wish to be selfish - otherwise I'd just not share 
anything at all - but because everything else seems to choke if there's 
no upstream available) and also put all BitTorrent traffic in the 

I'd also like to take the recommendation I read somewhere, whereby ACK 
packets are given the highest weight.

For BitTorrent, is the port being connected to *always* within the range 
the user specifies (usually 5881 or something to 5889 or something)? If 
not, I'd assume it'd be difficult to shape?

For ACK packets, it would be sufficient to juts put this on the WAN 
interface, yes? Or is it necessary to do this for LAN, too?

Alternatively, if anyone has a good tutorial on shaping, especially with 
m0n0wall, please let me know.