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 From:  "Marc M. Adkins" <Software at Doorways dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  questions
 Date:  Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:13:24 -0500
I'm looking to setup a WRAP-based m0n0wall firewall.  It all looks 
doable (after the usual fussing).  A few of questions, just to avoid 
rude shocks...

I was going to get the WRAP w/3 ethernet ports.  Installation 
instructions label one of these WAN, one LAN, the other not mentioned. 
I was hoping to have:

  * WAN to DSL modem
  * LAN to house LAN (12-port router already in place)
  * LAN for DMZ for future small-scale web services
  * potential for wireless (undecided yet)

I wanted to confirm that I can in fact use all three ethernet ports and 
create a usable DMZ on one of them.  I understand that total bandwidth 
will not be huge, but my DSL pipe isn't huge.  I want something that 
will get me started...if I ever need bigger iron I'll hopefully have 
justification for bigger expenditures.  I do see the DMZ section in the 
documentation...I just wanted to make sure the WRAP board with three 
ethernet ports will do this.

The other question...just curious...I'm using a DSL modem now.  Will 
m0n0wall connect directly to DSL line if I'm so inclined?  I have heard 
horror stories about doing this from a *NIX-based firewall box and in 
fact had some delays original getting the modem properly configured.  I 
do remember it being PPPoE something-or-other...which seems to be in the 
m0n0wall documentation.  Not a necessary item since I have the DSL 
modem, but I like the idea of one less piece of hardware and then I have 
a spare for failover.

WRT wireless, which I wouldn't have on a bet without a reliable firewall 
(being one paranoid SOB), I'm wondering if anyone has input on cards and 
antenna configurations.  This is just a stand-alone house configuration. 
  All my wiring is in a centrally located utility room in the basement, 
only one floor above that.  I figure a 60-90 foot sphere covers the 
house but I'm not knowledgeable about antennas and we seem to have 
continuous coverage issues with OTS wireless hardware at work (concrete 
and reinforced steel construction in downtown Seattle vs. normal wood 
frame house if that matters).

If this is all in FAQs I haven't found just point me to them.  I don't 
mind reading, just haven't stumbled across right stuff yet.