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 From:  Nikos Giannoulis <ngiann at aegina dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  absolute begginer help
 Date:  Sat, 4 Feb 2006 00:00:05 +0200
Hello everybody,
after some search I decided to present my setup and ask for help:
My system is:

I've been assigned from my Internet provider the subnet 212.xx.yy.224 / 27
so usable IP range is 212.xx.yy.225 ~ 212.xx.yy.255

<3Com ADSL router>
WAN IP = through DHCP but is getting always static 213.x.9y.108
DNS = automatic from ISP
LAN IP =  212.xx.yy.225
LAN subnet mask =
DHCP server is disabled
NAT is disabled

<PC 1>
IP = 212.xx.yy.229
subnet mask =
Gateway = 212.xx.yy.225
DNS = 212.xx.yy.225

<Satellite receiver>
IP = 212.xx.yy.230
subnet mask =
Gateway = 212.xx.yy.225
DNS = 212.xx.yy.225

This system works perfectly , my PC has Internet etc , and my receiver
gets updated through Internet.

Now I want to chain my wrap monowall between ADSL router and my LAN.

I connected
monowall WAN i/f to ADSL router i/f
monowall LAN i/f to my LAN switch

mono WAN IP       = 212.xx.yy.226
mono WAN Gateway  = 212.xx.yy.225

mono LAN IP = 212.xx.yy.227 / 28

and I entered DNS in System setup as 212.xx.yy.225

With this setup I have no Internet connection at all

I tried to enable NAT advanced outbound , and various other
combinations and still nothing.
I can admin my mono at 212.xx.yy.227 and thats all, nothing pass to
Internet side.
I created a rule for WAN to allow everything to pass everywhere but
nothing again.
Anybody can point me to correct direction please?

.. and another question:
mono's WAN and LAN interfaces are bridged by default or we have to do
something about that ?