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 From:  "Aaron with Morad" <aaronc at morad dot ab dot ca>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  XML error when booting
 Date:  Wed, 8 Feb 2006 15:10:51 -0700
Yesterday I was working on some testing - just doing some 1-1 NAT to some other gear inside the
network.  After making a change or two tot he rules or the NAT (can't remember the last thing I
did), I lost all connection to m0n0.  I came back to my office to find that all traffic outbound had
dropped to zero.  I looked at the console display and saw the message "XML error: no m0n0wall object
found!"  I quickly rebooted - then fear set in... it goes through the normal boot messages and gets
to the following messages...

Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0c
WARNING: /cf was not properly dismounted
Found configuration on ad2.
WARNING: /cf was not properly dismounted
XML error: no m0n0wall object found!
XML error: no m0n0wall object found!

... and then the normal "m0n0wall console setup" menu comes up - nothing is accessible, any number I
select it waits a few seconds and then "XML error: no m0n0wall object found!" appears and menu
reloads.  I loaded the latest config file into my spare unit and booted it up - all was good.  this
morning a similar incident with my spare unit - I was checking the configuration and turned device
polling on - hit save and no response.  Then I noticed the same thing happening as yesterday!!  I
ended up having to rewrite the image (generic PC) to the card and reload the config on both.

These two units are brand new - Lex Systems CV860A with the 1GHz processor, Award BIOS, LAN and WAN
are fxp0 and fxp1 NICs, OPT is em0.  256 MB of RAM, 128 MB CF card - nothing really fancy.  I added
extra fans to each box before they were even put into service (3 days ago) so heat is not an issue. 
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try?