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 From:  Wade Carpenter <wade at webfootcustomcalls dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Wierd Extrenal AP problem - HTTP not accessible
 Date:  Thu, 09 Feb 2006 09:36:05 -0700
I have a setup in my house... no frills and not high end stuff...

Static IP DSL
M0n0 with 3 Nics (3rd is unused but configed for Captive portal)
Dlink DI624  WiFi AP - 4 port  Rev B

I have the LAN on m0n0 connected to port 1 on the LAN side of the Dlink 
(using it as a WiFi Switch rather than AP) and I am using the three 
other LAN ports to connect to wired machines.  WAN on the dlink is not 

Running channel 6, b and g enabled, WEP Shared key on the WiFi

Now here is where things get wierd.... for me at least.
My dad has the exact same laptop as I do... limited to b wifi only.  His 
will connect to my AP and access the web as well as all my other stuff - 
LAN VPN etc...  I have a machine in the shop, that is wifi to the AP and 
it works just fine but is in g (using a Dlink DWG520+ or something like 
that and runs at 108), a buddy of mine's laptop would connect and be 
just fine....  But then... he had issues, so we reformatted his laptop, 
and since then can not get it to connect to http on my home wireless - 
would go across my vpn.  The kicker is... I have the exact same set up 
at my office... same mono box, same arrangement same Dlink 624 but its a 
rev c AP.  But his laptop will connect to http there just fine.  My 
laptop will connect to the AP at my house... but I have no HTTP 
access... I can tunnel through my VPN to the offices, servers, VNC, 
printers and all that... but absolutely no way can I get to the web.  
All firewalls on my laptop are off. and there are no changes to m0n0 to 
block anything.  Also, our laptops will not work when wired in either.  
Took my laptop to my dads... works just fine... our other office running 
a Hotspot, works fine.  My house... nada but networking access.  I even 
rebuilt a new m0n0 from scratch with just the basics... no rules just 
access to DSL and same thing... no dice.

Id like to think I ruled out the laptop since Dads works at my house, 
and mine works at dads house and the offices... (Oh Laptops are Toshiba 
TE2100) and disabling all the firewall stuff I can find in there should 
cover most of the issues that could be present there...  Re did m0n0, no 
change... checked cables, and the AP works with other machines....  So 
Im sitting here asking my self... what is it that Im not understanding 
about this stuff?  The only thing I havent done is take the AP from the 
office home and see if that changes anything....  which I may try here 

Sorrry for the book.. Im just frustrated and lost...  If any one has any 
input, Im open to suggestions...  even if its a "Hey stoopid - you 

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