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 From:  Chris Taylor <chris at x dash bb dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] PPTP with Windows XP on 1.21
 Date:  Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:15:57 +0000

I'm not using 128-bit auth. That's a far-off dream at this point ;)

There are no IP clashes. My DHCP runs from and my PPTP 
block has been, amongst other values (including non-LAN 
subnet ones).

There are no client firewalls (save the local m0n0wall).

The PPTP firewall rule could not be simpler. It is literally Pass any -> 
any for any protocol.

User accounts have been checked and re-checked, plus assigned with 
static IPs. No dice.

Are you using IPSec or any of the other features I mentioned? Have you 
had to do anything special for the PPTP connection in XP?

Chris Taylor

PS: Please keep replies on-list (Reply All).

Jeff Buehler wrote:
> I have no problems at all with PPTP under 1.21.  I have 3 different 
> accounts, 1 of which assigns an  IP at connect.  Everything works 
> properly.  All of the client machines in my case are using the standard 
> Windows XP PPTP client, so I can't speak for other PPTP clients.  I am 
> not using a radius server, and I don't require a 128 bit connection.
> Make certain that the IP you have allocated for the PPTP server is not 
> being used by another machine on the network - if you are using DHCP, 
> you might want to allocate a range of something like - 
> to leave the first 48 or so addresses available for PPTP 
> and other needs.  So in this case the server address would be, perhaps, 
>, and the PPTP server address might be 
> (arbitrary but below the DHCP range) and the range of PPTP IP's might be 
> - (also arbitrary and below the DHCP range).
> If you still can't connect, make certain a firewall isn't interfering on 
> the client side, make certain that the m0nm0wall PPTP firewall rules are 
> opened as needed, and make certain that your user accounts are correct.  
> It should work fine.
> Jeff
> Chris Taylor wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> First of all - PLEASE respond to this thread if you are currently 
>> using m0n0 as a PPTP server; I would very much like to hear from you! 
>> Please also mention what other features you use; I'm using Traffic 
>> Shaping, Captive Portal, DNS Forwarder, SNMP, Syslog support, DHCP 
>> Server and IPSec.
>> I am totally unable to make PPTP work with 1.21. I had it functioning 
>> on 1.20 but on 1.21, I get nothing. I've asked several friends to try 
>> it, with no luck whatsoever.
>> At my end, I'm behind a m0n0wall and would like to use PPTP to connect 
>> to a remote 'wall. This does not work (this is the exact setup that 
>> worked before). I'm also trying to enable m0n0's PPTP server on my 
>> m0n0wall to allow others to connect - this does not work either.
>> I've followed the instructions in the FAQs, fiddled with all of the 
>> Windows settings and the best I can get is Windows alternating between 
>> errors 651, 678 (a friend gets this one intermittently) and 800. I've 
>> tried using subnets for PPTP clients such that they overlap with my 
>> LAN (no joy) and such that they overlap nothing (again, no joy). I 
>> have an any -> any firewall rule for PPTP clients. I've cleared NAT 
>> tables and rebooted machines (I have seen references to both of these 
>> working). I've Googled and read from the list over the past 2 years, 
>> and found hardly any useful information.
>> I've tried setting it all up from scratch several times, either 
>> following the FAQ or just randomly setting stuff. I'm at my wits' end 
>> here tbh, I just cannot see why this isn't working!
>> Please help...
>> Chris Taylor
>> PS: I also have a funny feeling that if I downgrade to 1.20, it isn't 
>> going to work either. Has anything actually changed that would affect 
>> PPTP between these versions?
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