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 From:  Cemil Browne <cbrowne at dubsat dot com dot au>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  WRAP Performance Testing & VPN1411 Bug
 Date:  Mon, 20 Feb 2006 17:29:13 +1100
Hi all,

I am doing some performance testing using WRAP boards with m0n0wall  
1.21 and have come across an interesting bug.


[powerbook]  <-> WRAP 1.21 <-> Cisco PIX 515 (*not* E)  <-> Fast server

All connections are either crossover or fast-e switch

Relevant results (All obtained using iperf):

PB->server direct:  94.1 Mbits

PB->WRAP->PIX->server using DES/SHA1 IPSEC tunnel  (no HW Crypto  
card):  *****4 Mbits (average)*****
PB->WRAP->PIX->server using DES/SHA1 IPSEC tunnel (VPN1411 Crypto  
Card):  ***** 2 Mbits (average) *****
Reverse:  3.5 Mbit!

Notice that inserting the VPN1411 actually HALVES the speed of  
outgoing IPSEC processing!

This PIX does not have 3DES capabilities (it is getting phased out).   
I have done wrap->wrap testing with 3DES.


PB->WRAP->WRAP->server using no encryption & no NAT:  38-40 Mbit
PB->WRAP->WRAP->server using 3des/SHA1: 3.5 Mbit
PB->WRAP->WRAP->server using 3des/SHA1 + VPN1411:  8-9 Mbit

Clearly the VPN1411 makes a huge difference for 3des encryption, but  
why the slow-down for des?  Also, why not have an option to disable  
HW crypto in configuration, if that is the case?

Cemil Browne
Network Operations Manager
Dubsat Pty. Ltd.

Ph:  +61 2 9438 3455
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