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 From:  "Andrew Kemp" <akemp at iquest dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] PPPoE login troubles
 Date:  Thu, 23 Feb 2006 20:12:48 -0500
>  I had the Dial on Demand
> option checked and have unchecked it to see if that makes a difference

> as well.
DoD won't help you. Disable it.

>  I will also be upgrading to the latest version of m0n0wall on Friday 
> afternoon or so. Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.
Not w/o any logs. Are you able to give us the relevant output of the
system log?


The log times are all messed up due to the BIOS clock being wrong so
they are of no help. I am going to correct that issue when I upgrade the
latest and greatest version of m0n0wall, probably Friday morning.
Hopefully this will render the logs a little more useful in this issue


Andrew Kemp schrieb:
> I have reason to believe that my modem is losing sync at random and it

> comes back quick enough that the WAN interface on m0n0wall doesn't 
> realize it dropped.
Does that mean that the snyc-LED on your DSl-modem goes off, and that it
resyncs again (usually a flashing sync-LED during that procedure or
something like this)? If that's the case (meaning that your DSL-modem is
really loosing it's sync) it's nothing between the modem and your
Losing the DSL sync usually is because of a faulty splitter, a bad line
or problems in the station your phoneline ends in. And if so, it's a
problem of your ISP, or whoever is responsible for the phone line.

If you can, try another DSL-modem (different brand and such), there's a
(small) chance that this will solve your problem.


Yea, I think the sync LED is physically going out. I have had 5 trouble
tickets open in the last 2 weeks and they don't seem to think that an
issue could be intermittant. They always test clean and close the
ticket. I may be wrong though, this is just assumption from me seeing
the sync light go out once and then the internet die and not come back.
I have tried 3 different modems and multiple wiring configurations. None
of that helped. The telco did fix a few issues that they saw on one of
the tickets but the issues remain. I'm almost starting to think that the
issue does not lie in their network, but only time will tell, I'm
waiting for it to die again. The longest it has lasted is about 3 days
or so and it was last rebooted yesterday around 6PM.