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 From:  Alex Neuman van der Hans <alex at nkpanama dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Okay... wireless/wired laptop problem - Im convinced its M0n0 doing it
 Date:  Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:34:33 -0500
No idea why the article says not to use DRTCP. Works for me.

In any case, you need to reboot (or if you have w2k/xp), disable, then 
reenable the connection, otherwise you're not doing anything.

Besides, if 1454 is good, 1430 might be better. You'd want to have a few 
extra bytes available in case someone other than you decides to insert 
more equipment along the way.

Wade Carpenter wrote:
> I tried changing the MTU using Regedit... I followed this  
> http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article04-107   from Lee's post.
> I did the ping deal at 1500 got defrag error, did the 1492, got error 
> did 1454 and got a ping.  Made the change in regedit like the article 
> says... and still no dice.  I forgot to try 1430  and will when I get 
> home tonight.
> Does DrTCP do somehting the reg edit does not that might make this 
> work?  Seriously... Im getting ready to sell this laptop and get a 
> different one.  Its really baffling me.
> I havent had time to search up the previously mentioned set of 
> posts... but will when I get time.  Just wanted to up date everyone 
> incase that triggered a new idea for a solution.
> Thanks
> Wade
> Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
>> Download DRTCP and lower your MTU to 1430. Do the same for the m0n0 
>> box if you want (no real need, but doesn't hurt either). There is 
>> another thread discussing this on the list, and you can google around 
>> for the scary stories regarding problems like you describe being 
>> solved by manually lowering the MTU (which should be automatic, but 
>> isn't).
>> Wade Carpenter wrote:
>>> Im conviced its m0n0 doing it... well... in this case NOT doing it.
>>> Here is the scenario again.
>>>                                                   |--->  Wired LAN 
>>> machines
>>> Static IP DSL -> m0n0 -> switch
>>>                                                   |--->  Wireless AP 
>>> (with DHCP disabled so m0n0 can assign)
>>> All my wired desktops work fine - mapped drives over VPN, HTTP 
>>> access, SSH, and all that
>>> My laptop - will NOT do anything related to HTTP, no thunderbird 
>>> email, no firefox, not AVG updates, no windows updates... and so 
>>> on....  BUT it WILL access mapped drives over VPN, SSH on the vpn, 
>>> and print over the VPN.
>>> I tried a completely new m0n0 box, same results... new config from 
>>> scratch, nope, got rid of the Dlink DI624 and swapped in a Senao 
>>> 3054 AP - Nope. hooked up a senao 3054 as a bridge and cabled to the 
>>> laptop.... nope.  Once... and I can not explain... yesterday... 
>>> Senao bridge on and configed, laptop onboard wifi on and configed... 
>>> and I got http.  Restarted the machine and no more..
>>> Have hooked laptop up directly to DSL - no - m0n0 - works fine.
>>> Now to compound the issue...  my house was running 1.2 my office in 
>>> town 1.2, and my office in a different town 1.2b3.  Laptop works 
>>> just fine wifi or wired at both offices... no problems at all.  
>>> Exact same configs...  I literally set up one location, copied the 
>>> floppy, installed on two other m0n0s and changed the necesary IPs.  
>>> So all the rules and stuff are the same.  Also... my dad has the 
>>> exact same laptop..  Toshiba TE2100 and his works at my house just 
>>> fine wired or wifi.  My machine also works just fine at his house.
>>> Upgraded my house m0n0 to 1.21... no dice.
>>> I am so confused... and I am looking for any ideas to try at all.
>>> Thanks
>>> Wade
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