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 From:  KnightMB <knightmb at knightmb dot dyndns dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] PPTP through NAT
 Date:  Tue, 21 Mar 2006 08:23:21 -0600
I've tried setting up the m0n0wall PPTP server as well, I got the exact 
same errors on the Windoze XP clients. I figured it just doesn't work 
with windows so I created an internal vpn server and forwarded the ports 
to it instead.  I've read the tutorials on getting windows to work with 
the pptp of m0n0wall, but even with a direct internet connection and ip 
address, it still gets the same error you get with "732, could not agree 
on PPP control protocols".  I gave up on it due to time restraints, but 
if anyone figures out how to get windows clients working with m0n0wall, 
I would love to know as well.


Paul Dugas wrote:
> Been meaning to spend tim eon this for a while but never managed before
> last night.  Didn't get much time actually but I think I followed all
> the directions without success.  Figured I'd ask.
> I have m0n0 boxes at home (running 1.21) and at my office (running 1.2).
> The home unit is connected via PPPOE through a DSL modem (bridging, not
> routing).  At the office, the DSL line comes into the ISP's Netopia
> router.  The internal side of the Netopia is connected to the m0n0
> router which is then connected to the office net.  The line below
> depicts the connections.
> {home}<->[m0n0]<-PPPOE->{ISP}<-PPPOE->[Netopia]<->[m0n0]<->{office}
> The Netopia is setup with the WAN IP of the office m0n0 box as its
> "Default Server" and no other "Pinholes" are setup.  Both m0n0 boxes are
> setup to using Inbound NAT to forward HTTP/HTTPS/SSH/IAX to internal
> servers and that has been working perfectly since day one.  Both boxes
> are also setup using the traffic shaper with the wizard rules modified
> only to add additional queues to prioritize the VoIP traffic.
> Now, what I'm trying to do is get the PPTP server going at the office.
> I've set it up according to the docs and have setup a WinXP machine at
> the house to connect.  It's failing with error 732, could not agree on
> PPP control protocols.
> What I'm wondering is if the intermediate Netopia router could be
> munging things somehow.  I'm seeing lots of entries in the system logs
> on the office m0n0 box when I try to connect.  I see a few "LCP:
> SendConfigReq" entries and their dumps then "call cleared by peer".
> Seems like the client isn't getting the config offers and is aborting?
> Make any sense?
> Any input would be appreciated,
> Paul