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 From:  Melvin <melvin at sleepydragon dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0wall and coax ethernet
 Date:  Thu, 30 Mar 2006 08:54:38 -0500
Junior Gillespie wrote:
> Mark,
> Here's the complete situation, all the suites are individually wired with
> CAT5. The owner had hoped that dsl would be available to his tennants
> shortly after the completion of the building, but unfortunately the MTU is
> too far from any CO or RT. The owner had the MTU wired with coax and a
> single Directv Dish. I have successfully tested the Corinex AV200 CableLAN
> Adapters on the coax network, with great results, but the cost of each
> Adapter is not justified. The owner has strict policy of no penatration in
> the building due to local fire codes and potential damages that he says he
> has seen in other MTUs.
> I was hoping someone in the lists had used a similar product, and may have a
> recommendation. For now, it looks like its going to be one of the more
> costly solutions.
> Junior
Sounds like the choices are pretty straight forward.  They can either 
absorb the cost of the adapter solution or tolerate the penetration to 
run CAT5.  Just because they've seen damage as an issue in other units 
doesn't mean that isn't the right choice.  That just means they need to 
contract someone who's reliable to do the job and make sure that the 
contract specifies the penalties and remedies for any damage.  Sometimes 
you have to choose between the lesser of 2 evils, and sometimes you have 
to force the customer to make that choice for themselves. :)