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 From:  Pasi Leinonen <ppleinon at hytti dot uku dot fi>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Routing problem
 Date:  Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:55:00 +0300
Can m0n0wall act as a router (not a NAT device)?

I have a problem setting up m0n0wall (and yes I have read the manual, faq,
googled hours and still dont get it work).

My isp gives two networks and and gatewys and Endusers in lan uses these ip:s, gateway and a mask /20.

So how do I set the m0nowall to act as a router?

Using m0nowall as a bridge only works half well because traffic shapering isn't
working properly in bridge mode...

Could someone please help.

Network is like this:

Isp gave us:
Networks and
Gateways and (shows to lan as a "same machine"
(has same mac address)

wan-interface (tryed to set up the wan interface using and
lan (big layer 2 switch network)

Hosts in lan use: (It's hard to change these addresses)
Ips from and
Netmask is (/20) Smallest mask that makes possible hosts to
directly talk eatch other in the lan.
gateway for host is same

So basicly the network in lan is using gateway
(this is the way I tried to set up the lan interface).


Is the big netmask /20 in a lan problem? Because we only use/"own" part of it
(networks and so it leaves big gap between
as those networks are already used in the internet by our isp. Can this be a
problem to our isp? Can isp handle this problem? Netmask /20 seems to work fine
in bridge mode.

How do I correctly set up the static routes or routing in generally in m0n0wall?

If m0n0wall cannot do it by it self, could a another router help? How to setup
this with another router? Or do I need help from isp to get this working?
Whatkind of ip networks I then need? and how to set up them in m0n0wall?

What distro would you recoment to be used in a router? Are there any good
open-source ones that are speasialiced for (advanced) routing)? For testing
could exsample. Damm small linux live cd used to build a test router to test
this out? How would I set up routes in it. Using the ip command? Exsamples?

Pasi Leinonen
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