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 From:  "Ernesto Vega" <ernesvega at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  LAN, WAN, DMZ
 Date:  Thu, 6 Apr 2006 14:30:36 -0400
Hi, I´m new at monowall but not at firewalls.

I have set up a monowall, first with 2 nic cards and then I added the
DMZ one. The 2 nic setup is working fine and now I  want to add 1:1
NAT to some servers on the DMZ. I decided to add one server(server1)
at the time so it becomes easier to handle.

I configured Proxy ARP so that my WAN nic now has 2 IPs. My settings are:

WAN: 2xx.xxx.xxx.138
server1: (1:1 NAT to 2xx.xxx.xxx.140)

Internet ->  [ rl0 (m0n0) ] -> DMZ [ ed1 ]
                -> LAN [rl1]

The problem is that i can´t get to access server1 on it´s WAN
IP(2xx.xxx.xxx.140). Also i can´t make it to access other hosts

Any ideas ???

Where do i put my rules ??? WAN or DMZ interface ??

thanks in advance.