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 From:  drovalev at kaluga dash gov dot ru
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  RE: Problem: I need an IP address!
 Date:  Fri, 7 Apr 2006 10:13:52 +0400
> okay , now its some more clear
> > > I do not want to sound harsh, but a problem here is that your english
> > > quite hard to understand, which makes it very difficult to understand
> > > what your problem is. Please try to formulate proper sentences so
> > > everybody on the list is able to understand you.
> > >
> > > Now to your problem:
> > > Here in Germany DSL via PPPoE is handled very much like a dialup
> > > connection via modem. In that case the ISP does not provide a static
> > > adress, but a dynamic one after the dialup. I assume that this is the
> > > case for your setup also. So all you need to setup in your m0n0wall
> > > to set it to PPPoE, provide your username and password, and that's
> > > Your provider should then give you a dynamic IP adress during dialup
> > > (although that term does not really fit for PPPoE, but anyway).
> > > If I understand the logfile information you provided correctly, you
> > > already get a dynamic IP:
> > >
> > > Apr  6 15:25:40 m0n0wall mpd:  IPADDR
> >
> > It is the address of ISP server, but not mine!!!
> your ISP has to give you an IP ADDRESS then with subnetmak and gateway!
> when you want static pppoe there is no need for configuring pppoe. That
> for me here!
> Configure your wan interface
> go to diagnostics and ping or trace out

At me now 18 ADSL channels - gateways FreeBSD! No what problems to
appropriate on FreeBSD static IP the address for PPPoE!!! MonoWall it is
based on FreeBSD!!! If was ssh access to him, I think have quickly solved
the problem!
But in MonoWall ssh NO!!! It is simply enough to you to add this function
in Web the interface.

I still should put 7 gateways. It would be desirable that that beautiful,
instead of the console! But it is visible I shall stay in the console!!!

ò.S. I ISP gives the servant on dynamic appointment IP of the address for
PPPoE only for a monthly payment for it. It is not necessary to me, if it
is possible and to do without it!!!