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 Subject:  Re: Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0wall setup with iso image
 Date:  Fri, 28 Apr 2006 14:54:32 -0300
Hello, well I have setup the client computer properly! In my m0n0wall I 
configure the IP and in my computer I have setup I have also tried in the net, that is 
the default of m0n0wall, but I have no access to it. I also tried to use 
DHCP because by default, m0n0wall is a DHCP server!

In the console menu have the option 1 that identify the network cards, 
there I have "setup" the two network cards of the m0n0wall pc. I don't 
know if this will help, but it identify my network cards as this "LAN 
--> fxp0" and "wan --> ste0".

In my tests always my network card was showing activity, as well the 
m0n0wall computer.

Any other ideas? Thanks! ;)



Chris Buechler escreveu:
> On 4/28/06, André Marascalchi Zenun <andre dot zenun at gmail dot com> wrote:
>> I can access the console of m0n0wall without problem, and when I try to
>> setup the interfaces I can see that m0n0wall is able to detect the
>> interfaces using the auto-detect function.
>> The problem is that I'm not able to access the webGUI or ping it after I
>> detect and setup the LAN ip address!
> Is the IP of the client setup properly (within the same subnet)?  Do
> you have link light on m0n0wall?  Are you sure the interfaces are
> assigned properly?
> -Chris
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André Marascalchi Zenun
andre dot zenun at gmail dot com