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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0wall setup with iso image [SOLVED]
 Date:  Fri, 28 Apr 2006 17:08:41 -0300
Hello! Well finally this problem was solved. The problem was that the 
floppy wasn't configured in the BIOS! And looks like that m0n0wall is 
not able to configure it's interfaces "on the fly"! I have done the 
configuration and just after the reboot I was able to get IP through 
DHCP and access the webGUI!

Well thanks for you all!! ;)


Chris Buechler escreveu:
> On 4/28/06, André Marascalchi Zenun <andre dot zenun at gmail dot com> wrote:
>> In the console menu have the option 1 that identify the network cards,
>> there I have "setup" the two network cards of the m0n0wall pc. I don't
>> know if this will help, but it identify my network cards as this "LAN
>> --> fxp0" and "wan --> ste0".
> Ok, so your LAN interface is the Intel card.  Just verify and make
> sure it indeed is plugged into the right NIC.
> My other thought at this point is a bad floppy disk and/or drive. It's 
> been a while since I've used a CD/floppy setup, but IIRC, you
> have to reboot after the assign interfaces portion.  If it can't write
> the config to the floppy, you'll lose it at reboot.  You can put that
> floppy into any PC (it's FAT formatted) and see if there's a
> config.xml file in a conf directory.
> -Chris
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