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 From:  scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com (Scott Karch)
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  FW: [m0n0wall] Question re static IPs and DHCP
 Date:  Wed, 3 May 2006 11:59:26 -0500
Thanks for the information. Our new switches support VLANs but I'm not ready
to implement that yet. I'd rather not use 1:1 NAT for DNS reasons ( I want
us to be able to resolve to the same DNS names as the outside world ). What
is a way to get this to work with all computers on the c Class. Does this
make sense...
WAN-IP  64.x.x.1
LAN-IP  64.x.x.2
DHCP    64.x.x.230-250
servers all have 64.x.x.3-229

Do I need ARP entries for each IP address? What do I need to do from there
to allow outgoing and incoming traffic?

Firewall rules to start allowing specific ports/protocols to specific
servers? Sorry to sound dense but thanks for the help.

> On 5/2/06, Scott Karch <scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com> wrote:
>> We have a full C class subnet for our growing server farm. Is there a
>> way to
>> allow the servers to have their static IP ( 64.x.x.x )  inside the
>> network
>> AND have m0n0wall serve up 192.168.x.x dhcp within the same network
>> segment?
> No.  Only one IP subnet per broadcast domain is allowed.  Either use
> an additional interface and switch, or use VLAN's if your switch(es)
> is/are capable.
> -Chris
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