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 Subject:  RE: FW: [m0n0wall] Question re static IPs and DHCP
 Date:  Wed, 3 May 2006 15:07:44 -0500
Thanks for all the great advise. The fanless PCs ( 2 of them ) I bought from
Logic Source are only 2 NIC machines with no easy way of adding a 3rd port
permanently. I could open the case and add a PCI nic card for the LAN and
then remove it once the whole thing is finished leaving only the WAN and OPT
ports. Is it possible to configure the filtered-bridge without a 3rd nic
port? I'm wondering if I can switch the LAN interface to a bridged

If I need to return them and get 4 port versions, I can do that. Once
operational I only need 2 not 3 ports. Our Watchguard only has the WAN and
DMZ ports active so I guessed I could skimp and get by with 2 ports with

  Scott Karch
  Facility Wizards Software
  scott at facilitywizards dot com

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Subject: Re: FW: [m0n0wall] Question re static IPs and DHCP

On 5/3/06, Scott Karch <scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com> wrote:
> Chris, Thank you VERY much for your help, that answers that very well.
> Unfortunately, now I see another problem. We just got a second T1 we'll be
> using BGP to share the C Subnet. A C class subnet is the smallest subnet
> can use BGP with. Any thoughts on getting this working. Get a /30 from
> ISP for each T1 and use 2 m0n0walls.. one for each T1?

This gets a lot more complicated...

In this situation the best thing might be to give the router the .1
IP, use it as the gateway for the subnet, and put in a bridging
m0n0wall between your network and the router.  That'll be the cleanest
solution in this case.


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