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 From:  "Dr Who" <brokenby2703 at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  [hardware question] Is it that much difference true ?
 Date:  Mon, 8 May 2006 11:24:48 +0800
I'm using m0n0wall since almost 2 years, I believe so!
(When things go smooth, you definitively forget when you setup something !)

Well, to make a short story, I've moved house and I did plan to setup a new
network @ home for a few PC.
My old firewall PC (ibm pc300 gl) it looks too bulky & big to fit in the new
study room.
So I went to dedust a spare Soekris 4501 that I reserved last time in the
I did setup everything but I saw a slower response in webgui interface and
few other minor annoying things.

The IBM is using 2x 3com PCI card (xl0/xl1) just for LAN/WAN (PPPoE over
ADSL modem/bridge)
Its CPU is a normal Intel Pentium 133 and Ram is 64MB Edo.
No HDD/No CDROM, just a 16MB CF card with IDE reader!
Everything else (EPP/COM ports/ etc) disable from BIOS.

The Soekris, well, we know that is aligned as CPU/RAM configuration (133mhz
CPU/64MB ram) with another CF16MB (same brand as for the one used in the
IBM) and BIOS is the latest one from soekris.
To avoid making the SWITCH (16ports 10/100)  confused with MAC/IP, I did
setup the Soekris as while the IBM
Both connected in the same time, and none of them connected to internet (WAN
connection down).
Configuration: exactly 101% for the both.
No NAT/Firewall rules exept for the default one, No DHCP server, no traffic
shaper. Just basic default.

Then I realized, after I did try to connect to the WebGUI ( or that response is much much slower on the Soekris while in the
IBM is much prompt.
I didn't check the CPU utilization as there was no traffic to check it, but
ram was almos there (32% for both machines).

I did investigate further and bring the 2 machines to my brother house as he
has fixed IP ADSL.
(I did experience difference with dynamic IP assigned from ISP, as some
range of them are slightly slower for, to me unknown reasons)

I did try to download a file [1] from our local company's ftp server (same
ISP) (also in fixed IP) with both machines (IBM & Soekris) and I did realize
there is a difference in the download speed.
While with the IBM I can reach constantly 103KB/sec, the soekris can
shifting from 83 (min) to 93KB (max) without be stable.
I did repeat this test for almost 4 times with same results!
[1] Windows XP service pack 2 for 100MB++

Well, the speed is not so important for me, but my main concern is.... why
this difference if the m0n0 configuration is the same and if the CPU/RAM are
aligned between the 2 machines?

I'm not complaining about soekris, please bear in mind, as some of friends
are using also,  but afraid to find other small surprise especially when
using VoIP, etc...

Curios to hear your hopinions & comments.
To all of you, a good day