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 From:  "Ramunas" <m0n0 at liongerimai dot lt>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Day/time based firewall/traffic shaper rules
 Date:  Thu, 11 May 2006 15:06:14 +0300

Today is about half a year when I started using m0n0. The only thing I can
tell about it - SUPER.

I use m0n0 as router for sharing my internet connection with my neighbours
(I know that first thought to visit your head could be "Hey! That's
illegal". That's OK - I have contract with my ISP permitting me doing that).
I asked my neighbours not to use internet radio, play on-line games, use p2p
etc. But not all of them are decent and do whatever they like. That would
seem normal if all this would happen among home users. However the whole
action takes place at my job. I can't afford myself let my "clients" use p2p
at worktime as this is killing all of my traffic. At this point I configured
traffic shaper. Works perfect. Well - perfect as far as it was ment to work.

Now it is me who feels to be not honest to neighbours by limiting trafic
24/7. The only thing that could help me out in this situation would be
day/time based firewall/traffic shaper rules. Unfortunately this
funcionality is not implemented yet. By googling/searching www.m0n0.ch/wall
I found some people mentioning about it. I can see this feature in a
wishlist of a 1.3 version of m0n0, however (if I'm not wrong) Manuel in a
reply to someone told that v. 1.3 of m0n0 will be released late this year at
best. Oops. Forgot to metion that I'm talking about a pc version here.

I'm not an expert in *nix or *BSD. But this link gave me some hope that
something is possible to do:

I thought of another way of implementing this. However as I'm dumb microsoft
lover for all you *unix gurus I need your input/thoughts about my idea. And
the idea is as follows:
#1. I write soft that could:
	a. download/upload files to/form m0n0 via it's exec.php
	b. execute commands and get responses via the same exec.php or

#2. My soft uploads config.xml to m0n0

#3. My soft executes commands at m0n0 to make it take new settings from
newly uploaded config.xml

Here I stuck. The main problem is that I don't know HOW or even IF it is
possible to make m0n0 (by executing some commands/scripts) to initialize
firewall/traffic shaper rules (ONLY!) from newly uploaded config.xml.

I'd appreciate you input on this.

Thanks for your time. Sorry if my knowledge of english rose you only
questions and ruined any wish to reply :)